510 Pulse Battery (No Cartridge)

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The Pulse uses a standard 510 thread and is only compatible with our OHM Elevate Collection. Do not confuse with our OHM Original Collection.

The PULSE is a new one of a kind patent-pending smart battery that reads the resistance of the cartridge and automatically adjusts the settings for optimal use. Simply attach your cartridge and start vaping! With the Pulse Starter Vape Kit, you can choose one extract cartridge.

Best Features 

  • Use this battery on ANY 510 thread cartridge!
  • Auto-Sensing technology that gets right vaping voltage for each cartridge.
  • Never-Burn mode. By reducing the voltage as you draw, The Pulse keeps the temperature more constant and eliminates any probability of  burning oil.

How To Use
Press the battery button five times to turn on. Hold down the button while you draw for 2-3 seconds, hold the vape in for 3-5 seconds, then exhale. Press the battery button five times to turn off.

It is important to only hold the button down while drawing or you could burn the wick. You will not want your battery to get accidentally pressed, therefore make sure you turn it off after use.

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4 reviews for 510 Pulse Battery (No Cartridge)

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  1. Calvin (verified owner)

    ok, so The Pulse went on sale, so why not give it a try, and the conclusion, I love it.

    it is a much smarter product in terms of settings, battery life and function.

    you can also pull more from the ELEVATE 510 vs. the original.

    one neat thing is, you can use it while you are charging it at the same time.

    if you havent bought the Pulse vape, and wondered if it was worth it, well, the sale is still on, so I say yes.

  2. Adam Bielinski (verified owner)

    Great, solid piece of kit. You’ll know quality once you hold it.

  3. craziesupermom

    Good battery works for me

  4. bienespiritu

    satified with this purchase! works well with all cartridges!

  5. Anonymous

    very satisfied::newline::nbattery last for a very long time

  6. Christina Lewis

    I thought the OHM original system was the best thing ever….until I got this battery. Now I think it’s the best thing ever. Ever.
    This system is fantastic. I find the cartridges last longer as the button control prevents the battery from burning oil once the draw is done.
    Well done, OHM. Another win ?