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Sleepy Time is a masterpiece and designed for sleep. It is a combination of CBD/CBN/THC mixed with lavender and chamomile. This mix is perfect as it uses relaxing, calming effects and is perfect for sleep and relaxation.

Amount: 0.5 gram
Uses: Sleep, relaxation

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7 reviews for Sleepy Time – Original

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  1. rachel_lafontaine (verified owner)

    Love it!

  2. craziesupermom

    Works good and helps with bedtime

  3. gery.fung

    the combination of Lavender scent and indica relaxation go perfectly together.

  4. carriekrastins

    Exactly what it says, sleepy time.

  5. carriekrastins

    Exactly what it says! Sleepy time!

  6. Phantom (verified owner)

    Interesting taste and aroma due to the other essential oils included. I thought with more CBD and others it would be less potent, but was a little high as well as “sleepy”.

  7. adeliyistephen

    Perfect for what it is. I use it when I’m about to sleep.