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Sleepy Time is a masterpiece and designed for sleep. It is a combination of CBD/CBN/THC mixed with lavender and chamomile. This mix is perfect as it uses relaxing, calming effects and is perfect for sleep and relaxation.

Amount: 0.5 gram
Uses: Sleep, relaxation

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24 reviews for Sleepy Time – Original

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  1. dameionbooth

    Amazing helps with my stress, anxiety and helps me get some rest before work. Would definitely recommend!

  2. cmaceachern92 (verified owner)

    The flavor is great and very smooth. So good for a nice relaxed night. I’m a shift worker and have sleep issues with it, this really helps me relax and turn my anxious brain off.

  3. ashley rahman (verified owner)

    Amazing taste combination with lavender and chamomile!! Really helps me fall asleep with no issues. Would recommend and will definitely purchase again

  4. Karissa Ahner (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing. I have bad anxiety PTSD and am a covid longhauler. I haven’t been able to sleep for 2 weeks even with a zoplicon. This finally gave me a whole night of sleep

  5. craziesupermom (verified owner)

    Great to sleep

  6. laniicarsience

    Absolutely great ratio of THC/CBD etc. Lovely lavender and chamomile flavor notes eventhough it’s not officially flavored.

  7. Roland The Green

    Great for a night time high

  8. Jon

    This is the first one I haven’t been a fan of. Tastes like what I imagine a lavender scented bounce dryer sheet would taste like. With that said it achieves the desired effect.