Rockstar – Mango (CO2)

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*Note: The OHM Original Cartridges have a custom thread size and are ONLY compatible with components of the OHM Original Collection. 

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Rockstar – Mango (CO2)
OHM’s newest craft batch combines the smooth full spectrum flavour of CO2 oil with sweet hints of mango. Rockstar is a cross between Rockbud and Sensi Star. This potent indica-dominant hybrid delivers strong relaxing effects without being overly sedative. Rockstar is a favourite strain for headaches, pain, and sleep disorders.

Each cartridge is 0.4 ml which equates to approximately 100 draws.

Per draw dose:
THC 3.30 mg – 3.52 mg
CBD 0.04 mg – 0.13 mg

Flavour Effects Terpenes
Mango Sleepy Pinene
Earthy Relaxing Myrcene
Chocolate B-Caryophyllene

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21 reviews for Rockstar – Mango (CO2)

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  1. Blaise

    Great for relaxing before bed. Hits fast.

  2. Jessica Munro

    I love this one for relaxing and sleep, totally helps me wind down!

  3. wizurd42 (verified owner)

    I’m not sure if it’s the C02 or the strain itself but wow, this really kicks me into relaxation. Very relaxing, but it does give me the munchies something terrible, but if that doesn’t matter it’s awesome!

  4. robjozsi

    The best for nighttime relaxation. The earthy, weed taste is very prominent. Terrific strain.

  5. Anonymous

    Love this stuff, works great, able to microdose with no waste!

  6. Anonymous

    Been getting this one since day one. Was good then and improvements along the way have made it just THAT much better!
    The new packaging is very good! Obviously OHM listens and acts on customer requests.
    Love ALL the products here!!

  7. Anonymous

    Great tasting works wonders one of the best ones

  8. Anonymous

    Good flavour gets you high. Just runs out fast