Original Vape Kit (No Cartridge)

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*Note: The OHM Original Collection has a custom thread size and is NOT compatible with other collections. 

Built for convenience, the OHM Original Portable Charging Case is able to keep your Original Cartridge Battery with its Original Cartridge charging at all times (PLUS space for 2 additional cartridges of your preference!) The built-in LED indicator of the case lets you know its remaining lifetime and, when necessary, can be plugged with the included charging cable.


  • OHM Original Portable Charging Case
  • USB Charging Cable (in box below unit)
  • 1 OHM Original Cartridge Battery
  • User Manual

Hardware and Capacity

  • OHM Original Portable Charging Case capacity: 500 mAh
  • OHM Original Cartridge Battery capacity: 90 mAh
  • Vigorously tested for quality control
  • Made from recyclable materials

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Includes: OHM Limited Warranty

33 reviews for Original Vape Kit (No Cartridge)

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  1. alysha-1995

    I’ve had mine for over a year and it still works great did have to get a new pen part as it wasn’t charging anymore but still later at least a year.

  2. carscaddenroman5

    Just received my order (original starter vape kit w/ craft CDB mint experience) and I can confidently say you’ve found a repeat and incredibly satisfied customer. The products are evidently of high quality, which is only confirmed as you use the products.

  3. jfinn985

    I will never buy from anywhere else. I only have to charge maybe once a month and all the products are amazing

  4. angiejcallan

    A fantastic purchase! I couldn’t be happier with the unit. It is sleek and so easy to put in your pocket and go! The battery lasts for so long, I rarely have to charge it! Amazing! You’ll love it, highly recommend!

  5. John C.

    My wife and I live in a condo where they have passed a bylaw forbidding cannabis use because of the smell. Medical use is ok but you must prove it.The OHM unit is the perfect solution. We originally purchased the black unit complete with the six cartridge package and were so impressed we have just purchased the now available white unit. Great taste, smooth,and very satisfying. We just love it so much that we have given it as gifts to our friends and family who all love it just as much as we do. You will not be disappointed.

  6. Anonymous

    Easy to use and a very classy look

  7. Ryan D.

    I bought my first one earlier in the year and it lost the ability to charge, the lid got warped and the paint started chipping of the pen. I’d say expect 6-9 months of use before having to buying another.

  8. George Kemper

    Love the fact that u guys keep bringing new products and still loving the convenience of the pen it self::newline::n