Original Starter Vape Kit

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*Note: The OHM Original Collection has a custom thread size and is NOT compatible with other collections. 

Enjoy a heightened vape experience with the optimized airflow and ceramic coil of these cartridges. To make sure you get the best experience, these cartridges have been made compatible with everything from our current OHM Original Collection.

Built for convenience, the OHM Original Portable Charging Case is able to keep your Original Cartridge Battery with its Original Cartridge charging at all times (PLUS space for 2 additional cartridges of your preference!) The built-in LED indicator of the case lets you know its remaining lifetime and, when necessary, can be plugged with the included charging cable.


  • OHM Original Portable Charging Case
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 1 OHM Original Version 2.0 Cartridge
  • 1 OHM Original Cartridge Battery
  • User Manual

Hardware and Capacity

  • Optimal vaporization temperature
  • Coil vaporization point: 375 °F/ 190 °C
  • OHM Original Cartridge volume: 0.4 mL
  • Number of puffs/pulls (2 sec each): ~100 – 125 per cartridge
  • OHM Original Cartridge composition: glass body, metal mouthpiece and a ceramic coil. No plastic pieces
  • OHM Original Portable Charging Case capacity: 500 mAh
  • OHM Original Cartridge Battery capacity: 90 mAh
  • Made with all-natural sustainable materials
  • Specifically designed for cannabis oil

4 Great Reasons To Buy From Us

Includes: OHM Limited Warranty

489 reviews for Original Starter Vape Kit

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  1. danimaru (verified owner)

    It’s smaller than I expected. The pen is very similar dimensions to a cigarette. And the case is much smaller than a phone or cigarette package. Sleek, sexy, discreet, convenient. The pull feels just right. Arrived super fast. I couldn’t be happier with it.

  2. colm-22 (verified owner)

    Great device, well made, extremely convenient and works great. The customer service however is another story. I placed and paid for an order in November of 2020, but it never arrived. When I followed up the first time I was told that it would be shipped ASAP. Since then, I’ve written them several more times and been ignored each time. Up until this point I’d had nothing but great experiences with OHM, hoping that I’ll at least be able to get my money back.

  3. chrislara27

    Great pen

  4. emmawhite17

    I’ve been using my OHM for years and love it. The charging case is so convenient, especially since it stores your additional cartridges. Great battery life, sleek look, and great customer service from OHM. 🙂

  5. J

    Well crafted, easy to use vaping system. Quick response to vapour and excellent customer service. Discreet classy and clean.
    I won’t buy anything else.

  6. ashleyruhirahman (verified owner)

    This is the best! I highly recommend this vape. I used to have an herb vaporizer and I loved it but it still smelled and was alot bigger than this one. I love the quality and how discrete it is 🙂 Love the style of it all and the white casing is my fave. It also has NO SMELL, so it’s perfect for at home.
    Thank you for such a good vaping device and quality.

  7. AA (verified owner)

    Ive tried many vape kits, and this us by far my favourite. Super discrete and fantastic battery life! Fits easier into pockets or small purses. Highly recommended!!

  8. itsakad00zie

    Had this for a few years now and it has been great! Love the style and size of it. Small enough to keep in your pocket with a very sleek design! Definitely recommend this product!