Blue Dream – Mixed Berry

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Blue Dream – Mixed Berry
Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid, best used for daytime as it delivers a soothing, creative euphoria and enhanced focus. This strain delivers full-body relaxation with a gentle uplifting cerebral experience that will leave you feeling blissed! Blue Dream is a favourite strain for stress, depression, and pain.

Each cartridge is 0.4 ml which equates to approximately 100 draws.

Per draw dose:
THC 3.30 mg – 3.52 mg
CBD 0.04 mg – 0.13 mg

Flavour Effects Terpenes
Blueberry Uplifting Pinene
Strawberry Happiness Myrcene
Vanilla Relaxation B-Caryophyllene

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32 reviews for Blue Dream – Mixed Berry

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  1. e-dizzle29

    These are amazing!

  2. e-dizzle29

    Great flavour… very good for those of us that don’t enjoy the taste of flower.

  3. Anonymous

    This is such a great product! We love it

  4. Anonymous

    Calming. Mellow. Very pleasant.

  5. Elijah Buksh

    The flavor is good but I had an issue with the cartridge. The resin gummed up so much that there was pure concentrate pulling through. This was the first time it’s ever happened. Have purchased other flavors before

  6. Anonymous

    Average at best I would say

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing. Love it

  8. Anonymous

    Horrible. The sent me 3 cartridges that didn’t work. So I returned them, and they sent me 3 more that didn’t work. So they sent 3 more after that and guess what, they didnt work! NINE defective cartridges in a row, and now they arnt replying to my emails asking for a refund. Ridiculous