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Mushroom Tinctures


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Try micro dosing with Bright Future. Thirty 1ml doses per bottle. We have two different varieties for you. Neon Vision for boosting brain power and Daily Dose for a constant uplift. Both tinctures have 100mg of organic psilocybe cubensis.

Neon Vision - 100mg per dose ( 1ml) - nootropic
INGREDIENTS: 25mg 5-HTP · 20mg ginkgo · 45mg ginseng · 20mg maca · 20mg L-theanine · 100mg psilocybe cubensis

This synergistic blend of nootropics, organic mushrooms and adaptogens may actually blow your mind. Gingko, 5-HTP and L-theanine calm your nervous system and alleviate anxiety and depression. Meanwhile maca and ginseng provide all natural crash free energy to have you physically and mentally at top performance. Combine this brain boosting and cognitive enhancing mix with organic mushrooms and put your focus and creativity into overdrive with the convenience of a liquid tincture.

Daily Dose -  100mg per dose ( 1ml) - daily

Thirty 1ml doses per bottle. Are you looking for a boost in your energy and mood? Well you have come to the right place! The Daily Dose may very well be one of the most amazing discoveries ever made. Our easy to use tincture form is perfect for those who are so caught up in the daily hustle that they need the most convenient way to transform into their full potential of unstoppable energy. One drop is all your need to boost your mood, elevate your mind and become limitless with your creativity. Our organic mushroom mix combined with mushroom adaptogens will have you feeling bulletproof and supercharged all day long to handle anything that comes your way!

INGREDIENTS: 50mg chaga · 50mg reishi · 50mg cordyceps · 50mg coriolus · 50mg lions mane · 50mg maitake · 100mg psilocybe cubensis


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